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During the early part of the last century, the year 1904, a tailor in Syracuse, New York named Mr. Adon Hoffman had injured his shoulder, which prevented him from being able to lift and use his heavy iron for pressing. To enable him to keep his small tailor shop going, he devised a finishing press machine controllable by foot. By chance a businessman, caught in a rainstorm and in need of urgent pressing of his wet, wrinkled suit before an important business meeting, saw this new pressing machine. He was so impressed with the machine that he encouraged development and production of it with these two men joining forces as partners. Thus, the original Hoffman "X" Press and founding of the Hoffman Pressing Machine Company.

Hoffman/New Yorker, Inc. is the oldest manufacturer solely of specialized presses and is the result of two separate companies coming together to join their specialties, the Hoffman Pressing Machine Company established in 1904, and the New Yorker Pressing Machine Company. The company designs, manufactures and markets, worldwide, two distinct product programs consisting of garment/apparel presses for the garment manufacturers and laundry/dry cleaning presses for the processors. Today, we maintain these product programs as two Divisions and have added specialized fusing machinery particularly for shirt makers, a program of world renowned wrinkle free processing machinery for trousers and shirts, a product line of automated vertical machines for specific tailored clothing manufacturing needs, and a line of electric boilers/generators used for jewelry steam cleaning, auto trim shops, dental labs, tailor shops and steam baths.

The executive and accounting offices are located near New York City, in Hackensack, New Jersey, and the manufacturing facility is located in Dushore, Pennsylvania, which is about 50 miles west of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Also located at the Dushore facility is the Engineering Department, for better interfacing with manufacturing and our customers, and the Repair Parts Department, so we can process spare parts orders in as fast a manner as possible, with most being shipped the same day received.

Hoffman/New Yorker is committed to Total Customer Satisfaction by providing high quality products and services. We will achieve this by consistently meeting and exceeding their expectations. We will maintain an environment of continuous improvement in every element of our business and empower employees to achieve their best in individual performance and teamwork. Management shall ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels throughout Hoffman/New Yorker.


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